Girl role in Neil Simons fools play.

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Hey there i want to gather some information about Neil Simons fools play and more specifically the girl role on that play. Do you have any information regarding that? Someone please help me in finding that. I would be really great full.

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    Hi there,

    Neil Simon's FOOLS takes place in the Ukrainian village of Kulyenchikov long ago. The village has been put under a curse rendering all its inhabitants completely stupid. A young schoolteacher is sent to the town to break the curse by teaching a beautiful young girl. If he fails to educate her in one day he will become a fool himself.

    There are three female roles in the play, all just as foolish as everyone else in the town:

    Sofia Zubritsky, 19, beautiful, and so foolish she just recently learned to sit...

    Lenya Zubritsky, her doting mother, who tries to act out the words she can't remember and sets the drapes on fire because she can find her candle...


    Yenchna the vendor, a shrewd businesswoman who tries to turn any situation to her own advantage - she milks her cow upside down to get more cream and tries to sell flowers while claiming they are fish.

    Depending on your director and the production, there are other characters who were written as men but could easily be played as women should the director choose to cast them that way.

    It's a fun show and very funny. Best of luck

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