Neil Simon - High School Edition??

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As a director for High School productions, I can not have students swear on stage Neil Simon believes everyone must say all of his swear words or not do his shows, which is his right of course;But wouldnt it make sense to have High School editions of plays? Someone should ask him! It would only generate more revenue for Mr. simon as well as exposing a broader audiance to his work It seems he is missing the boat on this one - there are High School editions of many musicals...

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Neil Simon was born on July 4, 1927 in America , he is well known for his screen plays and also playwright. He achieved many successes due to which he continued his work continuously for a long period of time. I have never found that Neil Simon plays have an excessive amount of swearing in them and I have seem them performed at many high schools just the way they were written.

    Since Neil Simon has said that his plays must be done as written (which, by the way, many, many playwrights do), obviously someone HAS asked him and he has refused. It is very likely that he believes that editing his dialogue would take away from the characters he has created. And it is his right to do so.

    Since Neil Simon's plays are among the most performed plays in the country, if not the world, it is unlikely that he considers the loss of a few high school productions to be a major threat to his income, which is considerable. If you are not willing to do Neil Simon's plays the way they are written, simply choose a different play.

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