Need to schedule auto scanning of exchange server

by Guest28117134  |  6 years, 2 month(s) ago

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Experts, Please suggest me, How can I schedule automatic scanning of exchange server and generate reports for the same ? Is it possible to configure multiple servers and view their reports simultaneously ?

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  2. Guest28119299

    Dear friend,

    Thanks for sharing such a fantastic resource which is very helpful and has awesome performance. Even I am using free demo version available at website. But automated server scanning and generated log files reports with full accuracy really impressed me. I hope, it could definitely save my precious time and efforts which I probably waste in manual Exchange report creation.

  3. Guest28118129

    You can follow below mentioned article link in which, the author has been elaborated such concepts nicely. He has shared about Exchange reporter tool which is capable to generate multiple reports related to exchange server and also provide the option to scan exchange server. After successful scanning of exchange server, one can generate reports with full accuracy. You can read complete article at :

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