Need to know the title of an old movie.

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I am looking for the title of an old movie. I saw it several times as a kid. What I do remember is, a lady(popular actress at the time) left her baby with a sitter for an evening out, the sitter left the baby alone for her boy friend and the child was taken from the mother and placed in a home. The Mother called her baby Button Nose. I can not remember who starred in it or why the young Mother was without her husband, at the time. At the end of the movie they get back together (Seems he was a popular actor too?) Have another child and finally get Button Nose back. Please tell me the name of the movie and who starred in it so I can find it again? It was most likely made in the 30s, 40s or early 50s, just a guess though. Since my family still had only a B/W TV when most people had colored sets, I am not sure if it was B/W or colored. Can someone tell me the name of this movie?

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    Got to picture the movie in your mind, and try to visualize the actress who played the mother, and the actor who played the father. If you can give me a really good description of them, maybe that will help me.

    I can look through for actors that look like that. Things like, what color was the hair, what style of clothes. I can find out quite a bit by the year it was made, and I can tell by the style of clothes, what era it was made in. When I see old movies I have not seen before, I can guess the year and come within a couple years of when it was made. I tell by the style of clothes and the length of the hemline. I have seen a lot of hemline changes in my life, and was always clothes crazy, so I paid a lot of attention to what was in style.LOL The ones that come closest to mixing me up are the period costumes, but I can come close with them, because I saw so many movies, and have seen so many made before I was old enough to go to movies, that I can tell pretty close to when it was made, by the way the older movies styled period costumes. If you can think of actors that came along later, that resemble the actors we are looking for, that will help too. If you are willing to try to describe them, I am willing to try to search them out.

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