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My friend suggested me to buy Dodge Nitro as he is driving for a year and never experienced any issue regarding its safety, performance and maintenance. Please provide me useful information about Dodge Nitro. Thanks!

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  1. liza amelia

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  2. James Augustus

    The Dodge Nitro is a compact sport utility vehicle from the Dodge, first launched for the 2007 model year, sharing platform with Jeep Liberty. It is built at the Toledo North Assembly Plant, Ohio. The Nitro started its debut at the Chicago Auto Show in February 2005, as a concept car having aluminum based interior design. Aluminum-trimmed openings following the front fenders and other aluminum trim just about the door handles and rear hatch were routinely displayed as the center stack. The new Nitro has the styling of Substantial fender flares, Aggressive crosshair body color grille with bright horizontal inserts, Sculpted lines and Chrome and brushed silver accents. It is equipped with well-styled and roomy interior.
    The Nitro became the first modern Dodge branded automobile to be sold in Europe ever since its introduction in early 2007. In United States, the production of Nitro started in August 2006 and it was available for sale in September of the same year. All Nitros are rear-wheel drive, and having the options of part-time four-wheel. Until the 2009 model year, the Nitro was entry-level sport utility vehicle of Dodge before the arrival of larger, car-based Dodge Journey crossover sport utility vehicle in showrooms. Nitro Has got longer, wider, and lower body. Its extra length is divided between the cargo area and the rear seat.

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