Need help for Blogging in Wordpress?

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I have posted a blog but got no traffic on it. I need your help to give me some tips regarding blogging on wordpress in Pakistan.

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  1. SEO Expert
    Starting a new blog is difficult and this can put many people off. Some may get off to a good start only to become quickly discouraged because of the lack of comments or visits. You want to stand out from this crowd of millions of bloggers, you want to be one of the few hundred thousand blogs that are actually visited. Here are some simple tips to help you on your way to blogging mastery: 1. Post regularly, but don't post if you have nothing worth posting about. 2. Stick with only a few specific genres to talk about. 3. Don't put 'subscribe' and 'vote me' links all over the front page until you have people that like your blog enough to ignore them (they're usually just in the way). 4. Use a clean and simple theme if at all possible. 5. Enjoy blog for fun, comment on other peoples' blogs (as they normally visit back).

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