Need correct my 10th date of birth which was wrongly submitted my school. Want CBSE to help

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I joined kendriya vidyalaya 1991 in class 1st as my father was a k.v staff. My date of birth is 15.01.1986 as per school and other necessary documents. In 1999 the school registered my name for 10th board exam with my original DOB 15.01.1986. In my class 10th 1 cbse coding sheet the DOB was correct but in the 2nd cbse coding sheet the school changed it to 15.08.1986 and my mark sheet and passout certificate bears 15.01.1986 instead 15.01.1986. I joined class 11th in the same vidyalaya. I found out that my DOB is wrong, i tired explainging to the school that my DOB is wrong in the cerificates. I dint know the procedure to change the DOB since my parents were not much educated. School dint provide me with necessary details and in my class 12th TC they gave my DOB as 15.01.1986 whereas my 10th DOB is in 15.01.1986. I informed school that this will spoil my future, but school office told me that they will do the needful but dint so provided they kept on pending from doing their duty. I joined my college with my original DOB 15.01.1986 as per school 12th T.C. With great difficulty i managed to get those documents from school for changing the DOB. When i sent a letter requesting for changing the DOB to CBSE, they ignored my petition as it was against their by-laws that correction is entilted 2years from the date of 10th result. I sent a request to delhi cbse but the reply was the same as chennai CBSE regional office. Its been 10years now that i dint get any justice. I am the bread winner of house. Nobody is helping me. What do i do? shall i die without job. I want CBSE to take special consideration unto this case and do the needful. The secretary of CBSE who is holding such responsible position hope he takes this case into immediate action and do the needful.

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  1. Guest20912391
    there is variation in date of birth in cbsc 10th certificate and birth certificate issued from Muncipal office.It is to be corrected same in the Muncipal register

  2. rihana828
    Wrote application to the head of CBSE and try to find out the solution.

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