Need a note on Philippine relations with neighboring countries

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My teacher asked me to write a note on relationship of different countries with their neighbors, can anyone help me in writing the report on Philippines relationship with their neighbors. Because I don’t know anything about Philippines. Please help

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    First of all you should know the neighbors of Philippines, The Philippines consists of 7107 islands in the western Pacific Ocean, and that comprise roughly 66% of the country's area. The Philippines' nearest neighbors are Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. Philippines have close and friendly relationship with neighboring countries.
    Philippines and Taiwan
    Philippines and Taiwan has the shared connections and interactions to the areas like traditions, education, and farming are impressive. The bilateral trade between Taiwan and Philippine has reached to 6.9 US$ billion plus as reported by World bank in 2008. Taiwan is the preeminent trading partner of the Philippines, while the Philippines have gained much economy with this trading relationship with Taiwan. Taiwan has played an important part in providing the helpful information technology tools and equipments to the educational sector of Philippines
    Philippines and Indonesia
    Indonesian relations with the Philippines were more isolated as compared to other close neighbors. These two countries enjoy strapping political and economic relations, The Philippines and Indonesia Business Council has facilitated the trade and business relationship, particularly in power, fishery, farming, forestry, travelling, manual labor, schooling, and traditions.
    Philippines and Brunei
    Philippines has best relationships with Brunei, the economic trade, business has created a strong bonding between these two countries. These two countries particularly focus the jobs placement and facilitate their citizens.
    If you need more information on bilateral relationship between Asian countries you can post your problematic queries.


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