Need Movie Title Young Couple Moves to Wilderness.

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I'm looking for a movie title of an old movie that I saw maybe 20 or more years ago on TV. I only remember a few details of the plot and cannot remember ANY of the actors or characters, which is unusual for me. I thought that it was "Drums Along the Mohawk" and purchased it, but it was not the movie. It is similar in plot, though. The movie probably took place during the 1700s, perhaps the 1800s. A young couple are wanting to get married, and the rich father objects. He may have been a wealthy landowner. They do get married and move to the wilderness?, living in a cabin. They suffer hardships, etc. She is pregnant with their child later in the movie. The baby is coming, and their friend, farmhand, sidekick, or whatever? has to go and try and find the husband before the baby arrives. There may or may not have been Indians or a fire. That's all I remember. Can't even recall if it was black and white or a color movie. It would probably have been made in the 1940s, but could have been in the late 1930's, or 1950s.Charlotte, hope you are familiar with this old movie. I've done searches online and scanned movie titles, to no avail.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There is a movie which comes to my mind and It is Ghost and the Darkness, but it is somewhat different from the rest of the movies and it is a little different from what you have described, It is about a railway track in Africa where Col Patterson goes to Africa to help in building the railway track . On the other hand he is confronted by some lions which get into their path and he had to kill them. You can try to search for that particular movie you are looking for.

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