Need Career Change

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Hi,I really want to change my career, Please guide me,so that I can select most appropriate career for me according to my likeness , I need the answer, thanks.

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  1. kate

    The basic thing you must take into account when planning about your career whether you are working in the right job .What are your interests? What are your future objectives? What are your goals? It is necessary to answer these questions, because these will precisely tell you about your passions and interests. You can find some suitable career matches by availing a career assessment test. But, don’t get hung up here. Think of these tests merely as a mode of self-discovery. Their criteria will tell you a lot about your temperament and what career would match perfectly with basic traits of your personality. They can also help you to recognize what is important for you in your career, what you would like to do, and what parts you will probably excel in. Planning so will help you a lot and open up job that you may not have ever thought were possible. Here are few useful strategies that you can practice in order to find out what really drives you:
    • Find those things that you really want to do. List down everything that comes in your mind, regardless of how impossible it may seems.
    • Look for possibilities all around you: Make a list of that projects and topics that you are compassionate about. Inquire from yourself why some activities make you happy. In addition, pay extra care to the times which you are really enjoying what you are doing.
    • Be cool in your search. You need to be willing in order to identify the activities that you really like and are truly pleased you.

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