Navman F20 screen failure

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When unit is turned the screen says "F20 failure return to dealer" and the speakers buzz like back feed, I have tried using the reset button and it just switches the unit off. Does anybody have any answers or is the unit knackered ?

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  1. Leonardo
    This is a common problem that requires some computer Knowledge. The F20 Desktop Software and Service pack on the CD's from navman do not work, as you have seen. The solution is to go to the navman website and download this Service Pack: F-Series Service Pack 1 .exe Be sure your f20 is connected to the USB cable and turned on displaying the USB Connection screen. Leave it on during the entire process. Once downloaded, run this self extracting file and let it install automatically. After it is installed and will see the same error again of failure to connect. At this point you must reinstall the driver manually. Right click on your "My Computer icon, Select Devices, then properties on the navman. You should see a yellow "?" next to a statement "Unknown Device" in the USB devices. Click on the "Reinstall Driver" and select a specific location or the Have Disk button. The USB driver is now located in C:\program files\Navman\f20servicepack\USB directory. You should get a button that now says Okay at the bottom, click onto it and allow the MS program to update the drivers. You should see the device screen change and say "This device is operating properly". You can then close the windows and run the F20 desktop program. It should connect then. Another way to install the driver, is click on the "Start" button in the lower left side (on the toolbar at the bottom of your screen), Select Settings, Control Panel, then Add/Remove Hardware. In the program select "Search for New Hardware" (While the f20 is plugged in and turned on). The automatic search for a better driver does not usually work. But, click on Have Disk or search a specific location and go to the Program Files, Navman, F20 Service Pack, USB Directory. You should then see the Navman device drivers displayed. Select the f20 driver and click "Okay". This will also install the driver and it should begin communicating with the computer. I found Navman (unless they get money) has a "Customer No Service" department that is as useless as t**s on a boar hog. The above steps will correct your problems with the f20. Good luck on finding updated maps that are more than 2-3 years old. Navman claims they are no more than 10-12 months old.....Right!

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