When admission in National University of Nigeria will be closed for 2010/2011 session?

by Guest22504996  |  9 years, 4 month(s) ago

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I want to take admission in graduate program of National University of Nigeria 2010/2011 session. Can you tell me that what is the last date for submission of application form in NOUN university.

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  3. Guest22832864

    To whom it may concern

    I understood that closing date of admission for 20ll was on the  25th February 2011.  Is there any extension of time to purchase and summit the application form.

    Kindly advice if this could be possible.

    Thanks for ready assistance in respect of same

    Please treat as urgetn.


    Warm regards,




  4. The Education Expert
    Admission in National University of Nigeria for 2010/2011 session will close on 25th February, 2011. So, you have to submit your application form before that date to get admitted in NOUN University.

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