Where to get National Open University of Nigeria application form 2011?

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I want to know if Nigeria open university application form for 2011 admissions is available online or I need to go to the university to get the form. Please, guide me with the complete procedure if you know. Thanks

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    1.Visit any participating Bank of NOUN University. 2.Pay for NOUN application form (please specify that payment is for application form). 3.Obtain a NOUN Teller and the Etranzact receipt, specially designed for NOUN for the purpose of admission. 4.This Etranzact receipt has two numbers: Receipt and Confirmation numbers. 5.Take your teller to the nearest Study Centre, and obtain a Bursary receipt and Bursary pin number. 6.Go to a cyber café or anywhere you can have an internet access. 7.Click on to go straight to the application form. 8.Use your Receipt and Confirmation numbers (as contained in the Etranzact receipt obtained at the bank), as well as the Bursary pin number to access your NOUN online application form. 9.Complete the application form by providing the required information. 10.Note that, if you have not fully completed all the required information you are at liberty to continue/correct before you submit. 11.When FINISHED, you may submit your Form by clicking the submit button.

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