National Arbor Day Guide

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National Arbor Day on 26 April. information about when is National Arbor Day, how it is celebrated, activities, ideas for kids, Special events, & History of National Arbor Day

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    With the arrival of spring, atmosphere around seems to have become full of life. There is notable freshness in the air and everything tends to get rejuvenated. According to some, this part of the year is referred to re-growth, rebirth and renewal of not only flowers and trees but many other plant species. However, it is worth-mentioning here that the arrival of spring cannot be felt or realized if there are no tress. This is because the trees do not only provide us oxygen but also enhance natural beauty of an area. If you do not see any trees in your area then better have some planted today as it is April 26 which is observed as National Arbor Day. For those who do not know much about national Arbor Day, it is all about tree plantation. Somehow, it is good to know about background of this day.

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