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I remember a wonderful movie I saw years ago with Natalie Wood. I loved it, all I can remember at one point there were Chinese lanterns and a song that was playing that went lanterns of Blue, Lanterns of gold twinkle in the starlight as I dance with you do you have any idea what this movie was? I know this is not much to go by.


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  1. John


    Natalie Wood made a lot of them. I just want to say, do you remember who her co-star was? And tell me, do you remember any of the story lines? I need some more information on what the movie was about would help a lot. I have no recollection of a song like that. For me not to remember a song, it would have to be that the action had my attention held. I usually remember songs that did not necessarily make the charts.

    If you can provide any information like, was it a costume picture, what was the story about, and any other actors that were in the picture? Write me anything else you can remember about the picture, as it will help me a lot to give you the right information about Natalie Wood.

    Thanks for sharing your query here. I glad to know your level of commitment with one of my favorite star. Just make sure you provide me the relevant details, so I can help you in this regard. Remember, you can get what you want if you provide the necessary information.

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