Tell me the name of two movies

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I have two questions

First is the name of an old spy movie where a man sits in an eye doctors chair, very mistrustful and gets drops in his eyes. Just as he starts to relax and thinks all is well, it turns out the "drops" are a slow acting acid and blind him.

The second questions relates to a comedy from the 60s where a man dies and comes back as a black and white Great Dane.

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  1. John

    Hello Vicki

    I am not certain about the first one, possibly it is the Gregory Peck/Sophia Loren spy mystery \"Arabesque\" from 1966. The movies are one of my favorites and still I use to watch, whenever I got some time to spend on movies. But I will continue to check into that one and sort it out.

    The second one sounds very much like the Tony Curtis/Debbie Reynolds film \"Goodbye Charlie\" from 1964, in which Curtis housemate, Charlie is murdered, but comes back in the body of Reynolds. Later in the movie, she also dies, but then comes back as a harlequin (black & white) Great Dane.

    One of my favorite, Goodbye Charlie was made in the year 1964. It was a comedy film based on a guy callous womanizer who gets his just reward. It was adapted from George Axelrods play Goodbye. You can get more on.

    Glad to be of help. Still have some questions or confusion, just answer and be comfortable.


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