Typical dish of Lebanon

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I have my question regarding Lebanon. I want to know that which dish happens to be the most typical dish of Lebanon.

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  1. Harry

     Lebanese cuisine is usually based on fruits, vegetables, starches, seafood and fish, while the meat is consumed in moderation. People prefer to use poultry, rather than red meat. The type of red meat that predominates is Lamb. Garlic and olive oil are widely used and they represent quintessential ingredients to most of the Lebanese foods. Cream and butter are usually contained by desserts. Rarely does a meal goes by in Lebanon which does not include these ingredients. Most often foods are either grilled, baked or sautéed in olive oil; butter or cream is rarely used other than in a few desserts. Vegetables are often eaten raw or pickled as well as cooked. In Lebanon, very rarely are drinks served without being accompanied by food. Kibbeh is probably the best known Lebanese food. It is a paste made from Lamb meat and bulgur wheat. At first, its preparation involved hammering Lamb meat using mortar and a pestle. After this, spices and bulgur were added. As this technique could have been considered scary for the foreigners, the electric grinder and the food processors eased the preparation. This food knows many variations, among which kibbeh nayee is the best known. Kibbeh bil-saneeya and kibbeh rass are other two varieties, which contain cooked meat and pine nuts. yoghurt sauce is added to these dishes, when they are served. 

  2. Guest10780609
    name one tpical dish from lebanon

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