Name few Tourist spots in Panama?

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Name few Tourist spots in Panama?

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    Panama has been attaining a sharp increase in travel in the past few years as people from all over the world are starting to discover the various tourist spots that this Central American country has to offer. The Republic of Panama is situated in Central America between Colombia and Costa Rica. Its capital is Panama City, which has the population around about four million people, and it is considered as one of beautiful city for tourists. The primary language of the country is Spanish however; the business community usually speaks English. Panama is also enjoying a lot of economic boom and becoming one of the most powerful economies in South America and one of the famous places to start business in the region. One of the reasons is its important location and being the home of the Panama Canal. This human made canal permits ships to travel between the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean in around one day. Casco Viejo is the ancient quarters in the Pacific coast of the Americas, many visitor come to view its beauties. During 1988, it was established by UNESCO as a site of world interest and it is similar to Havana in Cuba or the French quarters in New Orleans. This area is filled with many trendy bars and restaurants as well as art galleries and has many other attractions for visitors. Panama is filled with attractive beaches on the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. The most popular beaches are situated in Contadora island, San Blas, Bocas del Toro and Playa Blanca just to name a few. All of these locations have beautiful hotels, resorts and restaurants to choose from.


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