Name few Tourist spots in Mongolia?

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Name few Tourist spots in Mongolia?

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    Mongolia has some of Asia's most beautiful and fabulous wilderness environment, where the snow-capped Altai hills tower above remote forests, lakes, and rivers. Plentiful with wildlife, including endangered species for instance snow leopards and antelope, this region holds many impressive of Mongolia's mountain scenery, and it is best destination for adventurous climbers and hikers.

    The Altai are also the place to experience some of Mongolia's most attractive cultures. Bayan-Ulgii Province, which borders Russia and China, is home to a different population whose conventional ways of life have been saved in these isolated mountains for long time ago. Among these is Mongolia's biggest ethnic minority, the Kazakhs whose ancestors shifted to the area in the 1800s, and whose proud occupation is hunting with skilled eagles is celebrated annually at the famous Golden Eagle Festival. Also popular for their unique embroidery and the fine tapestries and carpets they create, these Muslim nomads live alongside the Uriankhai, renowned for their archery skills, and other nomadic groups such as the Uuld, whose beautiful traditional dress is unique to this part of Mongolia.

    Visitors with who have great interest in Central Asia's ancient history are drawn by the burial markers and mysterious "stone men" present throughout the province, monuments to the tribes who roamed the Altai in ancient times. The frozen heritage of a Scythian warrior were currently found close to Altai Tavan Gogd Park, and a wealth of prehistoric rock paintings have been found in the caves and mountains of Mongolia's wild west. There are many other places in Mongolia that visitors can explore.


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