NUS Singapore Statutes and Regulations?

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My friend is a student of history in National University of Singapore. He has been given the task of writing an essay on the topic NUS Singapore Statutes and Regulations? Anyone can inform me regarding.

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    NUS Statutes and Regulations (full compilation) Statute 1 Interpretation Statute 2 The Senate and Senate Delegacy Statute 3 Faculties, Special Constituent Schools and Academic Units Statute 4 Research Institutes Statute 5 Student Associations and Activities Statute 6 Discipline with Respect to Students Statute 7 Gifts to the University Statute 8 National University of Singapore Endowment Fund Regulation 1 Meeting Procedures for Senate and Senate Committees and Boards Regulation 2 Other Senate Committees and Boards Regulation 3 Notices Regulation 4 Faculties and Academic Units Regulation 5 Faculty Boards Regulation 6 Research Institutes Regulation 7 Degree and Diploma Requirements Regulation 8 Honorary Degrees and Emeritus Professors Regulation 9 Student Associations and Activities Regulation 10 Discipline with Respect to Students Regulation 11 Academic Periods and Holidays Regulation 12 Gifts to the University Regulation 13 Historical Gifts Updates : AY2009/10 Updates : AY2010/11

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