Are the band members of the band NOFX Jewish?

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I have heard from people about the band members of NOFX band, are they Jewish , when and where were they born, what are their religion, can anyone tell?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Two band members of the band NOVX were Jewish.
    Eric Melvin whose complete name is Eric Scott Melvin was born on July 9, 1966 and he is an American musician. He is with the band since the start. From the 1980’s to present day he is performing with the guitar for the band. He is very much famous for his dreadlocks that vary in color. Although Melvin has a unique ability to perform and play well with the guitar, he can also play with the accordion.
    Eric is well known for his backup vocals and he has a unique vocal style known as Mel Yell. Eric played with Punk Rock Karaoke with Steve Soto, Derek O’ Brien and Greg Hetson and the motto is “We play….You Sing”. He is married and is a Jewish.
    Michael John Burkett was born in Newton in the state Massachusetts, his complete name is Michael John Burkett and is born in 31st January 1967. He is a producer, lead vocalist and bassist for the band punk rock band NOFX. Burkett lives in San Francisco in the state of California. He and his wife are divorced and they have a daughter named Darla. He has shed light on several graphic and disturbing stories of his life and also has played several songs which are released and unreleased.
    He is a Jewish but does not practice Judaism.

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