What does NOBCO stands for?

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We have an electric guitar that is somewhere between 35-45 years old. It says NOBCO on it and that's about it. Can't seem to find any info on it. Any idea where it was made (website) or its value?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    After searching and gathering the information about NOBCO I have found so far no link of guitar with this name. What I have found is that it is Norbury Broadband Community and it is a community that establishes the networks into the houses or it offers broadband services to the users and clients. They have also been involved in some of the activities such as developing and producing relay operators and
    Developing systems and strategies about solving the problem of the customers who are using their services or the other thing I have found about NOBCO is that it is German company which helps in coaching and counseling of different people and provides and equips them with knowledge in various fields to provide and it is also known as or it represents the European coaching and mentoring council.
    On the other hand it is known as National organization of Black County Officials which were established in 1982 and it is an organization which is linked to the black people who represent the African American communities, Its job is to provide services and information on clearinghouse for organizational concern. There are many focused areas on which this organization is working on like development of the economy , community development and also the environmental justice issues.
    In your case there might be link with the guitar or some of its component or any other item which is a part of guitar, it might represent that area or product or a device, because I don’t see any company with the name of NOBCO and a guitar manufacturer.

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