List of NGO working in Islamabad and major cities

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Can anyone list me the name of the NGO that is working in Pakistan. i am asked to write a report on Pakistan NGOs. I have prepared a list but i am not satisfied with my search. Please help

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    There are mainly three types of NGO’s working in Islamabad and other major cities. The divided form of NGO’s are

    • Service Delivery NGOs
    • Advocacy and Research Oriented NGOs
    • Human Rights

    I have prepared the list of NGOs according to their operation and registration, I guess this might be helpful for you to sort.
    Service Delivery NGOs
    Adult Basic Education Society Education
    Agha Khan Health Services Pakistan Health
    All Pakistan Women's Association Health and Economic Welfare
    Association for Creation of Employment (Economic Welfare, Micro Credit)
    Baanh Beli (Education, health and Economic Welfare)
    Bedari (Psychological Welfare)
    Behbud Association
    Bunyad Literacy Community Council
    Caritas (Education, Vocational Training)
    De Laas Gul Welfare Program (Vocational Training)
    Development Association of Youth Balochistan (Health)
    Family Planning Association of Pakistan (Health)
    Health and Nutrition Development Society
    Health Education and Literacy Trust (Education and Health)
    Kashf Foundation (Micro credit)
    Khwendo Kor - Women and Children Development Program
    Marie Stopes Society
    Maternity and Child Welfare Association of Pakistan

    Maternity and Child Welfare Association, Sindh Chapter
    Mothers Trust National Research and Development Foundation
    National Rural Support Programme
    Orangi Charitable Trust
    Organization for Participatory Development
    Pakistan Federation of Business and Professional Women
    Pakistan Foundation Fighting Blindness
    Pakistan Women Lawyers Association
    Sungi Development Foundation
    War Against Rape
    Advocacy and Research Oriented NGOs
    Applied Social Research
    Aurat Publication and Information Service Foundation
    Simorgh- Women's Resource and Publication Centre
    Shirkat Gah- Women's Resource Centre
    Sustainable Development Policy Institute
    Women's Action Forum
    Human Rights NGOs
    Human Rights Commission of Pakistan
    Citizen's Commission for Human Development
    The Network for Consumer Protection


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