Name of movie about solving puzzle.

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I am 55 and when my sister and I were still in junior high school (or maybe high school), we saw a black and white movie with a song entitled, (I think), "From Moment to Moment". A womans husband was in the war. She took him to the airport and there was something about a missing puzzle piece from his young sons puzzle. Then another very handsome soldier came into play and ended up at the womans home while the hubby was away. The visitor had the puzzle piece and he ended up having an affair with the woman. The little boy drew the mans picture (believe me, it was WAY too good for the skills of a 7 or 8 year old) and was an exact likeness. During their affair, he took her to an outdoor restaurant and there were hundreds of swirling doves. He didnt have a clue that something had been going on. Then he finds the drawing that the little boy did, plus he noticed the puzzle was complete. So he put two and two together and figured out what had happened. .
I have no idea who the actors were. Can you help in this regard?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There was a film made in 1965 called \"Moment To Moment\". This was also the title of a song by Henry Mancini that played throughout the film. I think it is close enough to the way you remember it to be the film you are looking for.

    Jean Seberg played a bored housewife and mother vacationing on the French Riviera with her neglectful psychiatrist husband (Arthur Hill). While Hill is away on one of his frequent long business trips she drifts into an affair with a hunky sailor (played by Sean Garrison).

    As they motor around the area taking in the sights, they're accompanied by the Mancini title song. In fact, it is played so often that at one point Seberg asks the bandleader at a café the name of the tune. He, of course, replies \"Moment to Moment.\" And then there are, of course, the doves flying up into the sunset.

    After a bad lover's quarrel, Seberg accidentally shoots the sailor and then she and her neighbour (Honor Blackman) drop his body into a nearby ravine. Then the suspense begins.

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