NADRA tracking system

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NADRA has introduced a new tracking system service, what is the purpose of this service. Does anyone have idea about this.

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    What is MNIC? Can you explain as most of the applicants are asking for the same.

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    do i am the head of the family


  3. lyls22r

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    when i send my nic number than reply msg come no,4540209019575 is not eligble to recive pakistan card  

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    name wise nadra record found. its posible

  6. Lahore Guide
    This system was developed to keep track of CNIC application forms during various stages using Barcodes to track 200,000 forms per day at 105 districts of Pakistan, 8 Regional Headquarters and Central Headquarter of NADRA. Stages include; District Registrar Office (DRO), Scanning, Data Entry, Local data warehouse, Central Headquarter, Printing of CNIC, RHQ, delivery of CNIC, etc. To track 200,000 forms per day at 20 stages, a massive 2 million transactions per day are created and stored at the central CRM Server. Using dynamic web reports to display this data for NADRA management was also developed.
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