My typewriter is typing the wrong keys

by Guest22406232  |  7 years, 5 month(s) ago

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My typewriter is typing the wrong keys

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  1. Guest24301252

    If you're using a daisy wheel typewriter and you changed it recently, press the reset button or whatever that does reseting like rotating the daisy wheel. My Brother electronic typewriter's manual tells me to press CODE+RESET after I changed the daisy wheel so that it will align. Failure to do that will cause malfunction and incorrect printing.

  2. Lionel LOZA

    Are you using a "daisy wheel" or "golf ball"?

    I'd first check that you have it inserted correctly.  Simple check would be to type one letter and check what letter comes up.  By looking at your wheel or ball you should be able to tell if it is inserted correctly.

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