My story on how my girlfriends best friend forced me to cheat with her

by Guest22585227  |  9 years, 2 month(s) ago

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My story on how my girlfriends best friend forced me to cheat with her. Has your girlfriends best friend ever made you cheat on her best friend?

I didn't want to but my girlfriends best friend forced me to kick it with her more than 15 times. she is one of those girls who just knows what she wants and how to get it and i am one of those guys who is easily manipulated by beautiful women. She first started with the staring; she would look at me and keep looking until I look away. At first it was a game and then I noticed her closing the distance with every stare until one day, she was so close that I can smell her freshly bath skin.

It lasted for about two months; imagine a beautiful woman with gifted areas in the right places is standing so close that any closer and you would be kissing each other. And then one day it actually did turn into a kiss, nothing big – just a peck on the lips and this pecking also lasted for a month.

It was Sunday morning we all went fishing. Everyone was sleeping and I decided to go for a swim and there she was; looking like an angel from heaven. Instantly the staring started and as we move closer to each other my heart started to beat faster than ever. She came so close and woopppppp her lips nearly grazed my lips in a flash. Normally that is where it ends but today it was different; she came back for the second and this time she decided to not go back at all. She grabbed me with everything she got, something came over me and it was so powerfully strong that I forgot the world.

She pushed me down on cold sand and what happened next is obvious. it lasted for couple of hours and at the end we just laid there for I don’t know how long. At the end I told her this is wrong and should have not happened; she agreed with a smile but I guess she didn’t mean it. Since that time it has happened another 14 times and I think my girlfriend may not like all this.

I need help which one of the four choices should I pick from below :

1. Should I not let her stare in my eyes or look away every time she does it
2. Should I tell my girlfriend it is obvious I am being taken advantage of
3. Should I continue to do it and one day it will all stop
4. Should I tell my girlfriend and let her see the whole thing herself to see it is not my fault?

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  3. gabriella

    hey man im a girl u should not let her look in your eyes thats the widows to the soul an she taking advantege look away from the pretty! and be a man!she is a a #### that not even a real girlfriend that called not real love she is just using u as an old rag doll you should brake up whith her i dont think that wright you can be controlled thats like bullling i beeen through it if i were u i would have said we have to brake up i dont like u to use me in that way and walk away. sory for te harsh advcie

  4. Hatim

    In my case i wouold be quite happy with the both...providing them equal attentionand if they would not prefer it spend different yet equal times wiht both of them...that is if you can handle that ;)....anyhow if you wish to choose one...pick anyone of them and kick the other... I would say remain witht your girlfirend as her best friend is not looking for love or anything of htat sort...these types use you and then dump good luck with everything

  5. Guest22585392

     yeah i think you should go with 1 and number 3. by the way how hot is your girlfriend?

  6. Guest22585275

    You poor soul you.  i think you should go with number 4 you Should tell your girlfriend and let her see the whole thing herself to see it is not your fault.

    Also please let me know when you want your girlfriend to see it and i would love to be there also "off course as a witness :)"

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