My p*****n son still goes naked at times in front of mother

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My p*****n son still goes naked at times in front of mother

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  1. Guest28438498

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  2. Guest28330353

     There nothing wrong with him be naked infront of his parents. The rule is as long he doing the naked on his own. These gross stories that you heard od parents stupid rules of children being naked or he or she being forces to be naked against their will is the one's you need to watch. A example of a stupid rule is when a mother tell her son (mostly) when you enter the house from the lundary room and strip of you clothes and than walk to your bedroom. A nomral mom would not do that. 

    Family nudists, nude, or naked in a home with parents and children is non sexually. Openness in front of each other show the children have nothing to cover up. Children what their parents to be apart of what going on. Seeing their body grow and develop. When children can be open with parents show a very strong bonding relationship. So do not get erotic with this. Be what a mother should be and when he naked in front of you. Let him be his self and ask things as is there something you what me to see or check on. Let him know his genitals are extra and prefect. Children what positve feelback from parents. It very important your son and this also goes with daughters to be total free in their home. You do not what walls between your child and you. You do not what him or her to turn to others they should not be with to get answer or needs meet. A nother thumb rule is do not tell your neighbors that your son is naked in front of you. This is a family matter only. The same rule apply if other women or girls see him naked in his home. People need to learn self space and privates for others. I been in homes where children are nudists. My parents taught me as a child that families do thing that other families do not. It does not mean there is something wrong. Family showers, brothers sharing bedrooms, sisters sharing bedroom. Brother and sister share bedroom. ]

    My oolder brother had a female friend that they know each other from kindergraden. They both been a great support of each other. Well at her house she had two sisters. They never wear clothes at home unless wrong type of company came over. My brother was a preteens alway saw these girls naked when he visited the girls home. That issues always remain at their home never share with others. My parents were aware of it. Like wise the girls seen him naked. The manner of it and the attitude in how we do things. 

    You are not a s*x pervert in seeing her son naked. It very important you have a solid bonding with him as a parent. Now if he was doing this with another adult woman than I be asking question. You are his mother and you need to be support of him. Children at school can be nasty, gross and said stupid things about other kids bodies. He need 100 per cent support from you. Be sure those around him are support of him. Remove negitive people out of his life. If he need to m********e openly is also good. He just what you to be apart of him that concern him. There nothing sexually about this. Please relax and take a deep breath and let it out. Be thankful he turn to you not some stupid person in the community. 






  3. Guest28330108

     Do not make something sexually out of it. It shocking the among of women who what to see their sons naked and other parents sons naked. Be thankful he doing this with you and not with the wrong person. He just what you to be apart of what happen to his body. So the next time he does this. You said things as you are looking good. I proud of you keeping your body clean and health. Many families live the nudist lifestyle where the parents and the children see each other naked all the time. As long no one is forecing him to be naked and he doing it on his own. Leave him alone. He feel good about his body. He has a positive attitude about his self. Be naked in your own home with family remove wrong feelings, wrong throughts. You may sure you do not cross the line with him in being naked. 

  4. Guest28305983
    My pre teen son is 14. He seems to have no modesty in front of me. He often walks out from the shower naked. If I'm in the living room I see his bare butt. If I'm in my bedroom/office, I see his full Monty view. He's got an erection very often. No signs yet of him getting more modest. One day last week he even came out naked with a big erection to get a towel from the linen closet. I was a few feet away at the table. He had a little conversation with me as he was standing in front of me with his fully erect p***s. I feel a little embarrassed but don't want to cause friction by correcting him. I keep thinking he will reach an age where he gets modest. He's got pubic hair for a year now. He's getting older and no signs of hiding his body from me so far.

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