My old Singer 648 having problems with bobbin

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This is my sewing machine from when I was a teenager. I am now trying to let my 15 year old daughter sew on it. I cannot find the manual. I used it a couple of years ago without a problem. Today when I used it the back of the piece I sewed had lots of strings coming out of it, I took the bobbin out and there was string under it everywhere. I tried to thread the bobbin again and the needle broke. I then removed the bobbin case and put it back, I can wiggle it a little and the needle won't go through or I can wiggle it more and the needle goes down but the bobbin is not getting any thread on it. Hope someone can help, started a lovely quilt with my daughter this summer and we just were going to put it together. Thank you.




  1. Guest28384271
    My singer 638 kept breaking needles. So I took the top cover off and found that the plastic gear on top the vertical shaft was broken. This is how the timing got off, and explains the needle kept breaking. Had to remove 5 gears and two shafts to replace that one gear, since the bobbin gear is the last gear that gets put back in place.

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