My nuvi 255W stays in loading maps mode when I turn it on.

by Dave Unger  |  10 years, 6 month(s) ago

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I have tried the deal where you hold the bottom right corner of the screen while turning it on, then the question about erasing all data and I press yes... still nothing happens. One answer I got was that there is a re-set button under the sticker in the back... no there isn't.
I plug it into my computer and it does'nt even register in my pc that it's plugged in.

What shall I do?

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  1. Dave Unger

    I will answer my own question, in case there are ones that have the same problem: I made contact directly with Garmin, (by phone) and they were so helpful, it was stunning. The gal on the other end of the line gave us a few tips and we tried them right while on the phone with her and since nothing worked she told us that at no charge they would repair the unit. We got a tracking number, contact number, and paid the shipping one way, (maybe 5 to 7 bucks) and had a "new" unit in our mailbox within 6 weeks.


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