My mp3 player Sharp wa-mp 80(bk) doen't work.

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My mp3 player Sharp wa-mp 80(bk) doen't work.When I switch it on,I see on display "Boot error.Shutting down.What should I do?Plz help me.

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    Guest21868259, quisiera que me hicieras el favor, si pudieras de pasarme una copia del cd , yo tengo un reproductor de esos pero el cd me lo robaron junto con mi estuche de discos  de antemano muy agradecido


  2. Guest22581743

     hi , i have read your message ,by the way my name is chris .my problem i have the CD but it was broken into pieces thats why i cant use my sharp audio player . .hope you can help me about this . .tnx

  3. Guest21868259

    Hi, I am from Guatemala city in Central America and I got a Sharp Digital Audio Player WA-MP80 that worked perfectly until yesterday, and I had the same problem you posted here.  Well, I found the solution this morning and you have to do the following steps in order to recover your gadget:  1. First of all you should have the CD (a little one) that came together in the box with the Sharp Digital Audio Player; 2. You must find a PC with Windows XP (I used one with this system; or probably it would work with Windows 2000), because the "Firmware Recovery" in the CD doesn´t support Windows 7 (I already tried it); 3. Then, put the CD in the computer and wait for the autorun to start and you will see a screen with some different options including the Firmware Recovery; 4. Now, before anything else, you have to reset your wa-mp80 (there is a little hole at the back, so prick or puncture it once or twice with a needle or a clip), and then connect it to the PC with the USB cable provided with the wa-mp80 and wait for the word "Ready" appears in the wa-mp80 screen; 5. At this moment you can run the Firmware Recovery option and from then on just follow the intructions; 6. When finish, disconnect the unit and see if it starts initialiazing properly, then transfer some files to it and test it.  I hope everything will work OK. If you have doubts or need some extra information, feel free to send me an e-mail to and we´ll see what we can do.  Hopefully my English is good enough for you to understand everything.  Bye! God bless you all! JOSH.

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