My mom won't let me wear make-up, I'm fifteen

by Destine  |  8 years, 7 month(s) ago

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My mom won't let me wear make-up, I'm fifteen

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  1. Guest23312199

    thats rediculous. ur mom is being over protective and probably doesnt want u to grow up but u should be able to!

  2. Guest23311810

    I think that at 15 you should be allowed to wear makeup, at least to parties. Your mom may prefer that you be a natural beauty and confident with who you are with out all the glamour, and she probably believes young girls shouldn't wear make up. She might see girls with fifty pounds of eyeliner and mascara and bright, cherry red lip gloss and think you'd look so much better with out it. Explain to your mom why you want to wear makeup. Have a really good argument that she won't refuse. Don't say, all the other girls are wearing it or you want to look hot. Say that you feel left behind and immature when your friends wear makeup and you can't and wearing makeup would really boost your confidence because you'll feel better about how you look. Ask if you can wear just natural toned eye shadow and light lip gloss, or maybe you can wear makeup out to dinner and to parties but not to school. Good luck!

  3. Raina

    Im 9 and I wear makeup sometimes. So I think you should be allowed to wear makeup.

  4. lou lou

    I think at 15 your old enough to wear make up so take the make up out with you and apply it at a friends house or in the school toilets just remember to take it off before you go home (using baby/facial wipes)...Good luck x

  5. Education Expert

    At the age of fifteen i think you must not apply any make-up because you are very young and will effect your skin badly and the other thing is that your mom is also not allowing you to do so.


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