My mom and I love to hang out with each other naked is that wrong

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My mom and I love to hang out with each other naked is that wrong

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  1. Guest27820712

    No it's not wrong if your family is, and has been, ok with nudity openly in the past. My mom and I were very comfortable with each other, after her second divorce, we decided that we would act more freely, more like room mates than mother and son. I must admit that I was more than happy to do it because my mom has such a perfect set of t**s. Not huge by any means, but round and firm like a couple of tennis balls, and her nipples were also very perky most of the time. I often would get hard and use a couch pillow to cover myself with. One day we realized that her t**s were making my c**k hard, and my c**k was making her nipples hard, and we were both turned on. Since we were both naked we sixty nined each other and then made love in multiple positions. I loved putting her legs up on by shoulders as I was on top of her missionary postion. As I plunged my c**k into her hairy but trimmed p***y she'd be breathing heavy and moaning. As she was reaching her climax I'd really start to pump her p***y and she'd start yelling, oh honey, oh honey, oh yes baby, that's it, don't stop, oh god, oh honey, I'm going to come, oh yes, oh harder honey, give it to me, take me baby, come in mom's p***y. I never get tired of hearing that.

  2. Guest23279435

    hey no it not wrong it is right it great when veryone can hang out in the nude an everyone can see everyone gentiles an see how everyone us the bathroom have fun an good luck

  3. Guest23144916

    It not wrong for a mother and her son and daughter be naked together. It ok to have your friends in the house when you are naked. Just as long there repect. Women and girls love to see naked boys and touch their gentiles. Just be should you adult women that the boy is ok with it so you do not get into trouble.

  4. Guest22688782

    Elaborate! What do you intend to say by "love to hang out with each other naked"? If it's what anybody would immediately think about, than it's wrong.

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