My mini digital camcorder combo

by Guest14740768  |  9 years, 11 month(s) ago

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My mini digital camcorder combo keeps saying that the memory is full although i have no music, videos, or pictures on it.

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  1. Guest28110232

     je ne sais  pas comment mettre de la musique sur elle help!!

  2. Guest17412849
    Ijust want to remove the pictures from the file and folder. But I don't konow what button to push to tell it yes.
  3. Guest14842995
    just put it onto your computer then click my computer && then click on yur item and copy and paste.
  4. Guest14756641
    I don't know how to put music onto it. HELP!
  5. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, The head is dirty or the head is out of alignment. Thanks

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