My memorex MI3005, player for my Ipod, was blinking battery and now cannot power up

by Cindy Clark  |  11 years, 1 month(s) ago

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I have not played it much and have had it for less than one year.

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  1. Guest27558054

     I suggest you trying hitting it with a hammer 3to 5 times as hard as you can. That should solve that problem.

  2. Guest13668537
    After reading some similar problems, I realized that I had left my Ipod on in my memorex dock while it was unplugged from the electrical outlet. First the Memorex player showed a battery blinking, which I didn't have a manual to tell me what it meant and then I was having problems getting it to play, then the player just wouldn't power up after that. I plugged it back into an electrical outlet and removed my Ipod. After about one hour I plugged it back in and returned my Ipod, which I had charged on my computer, and is currently playing. Hopefully, it is fixed. cc

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