My little girl

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My ex has allowed my 12 year old to have a boyfreind.Drops her off by his house to hang out and lets him come over to her house.This can't be right but my ex thinks it's cute.I told her it's got to stop but she won't listen.I need help.

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  1. Guest323957
    no wonder he is your ex, it does not make sense for a 12 year old to have a boyfriend and your ex to drop her off at his house. why would she listen if an adult in her life is encouraging her towards having a boyfriend. she is way to young to have a boyfriend, If a parent let their child date at the age of 10- 15 they need their azz beat that's just to young and they wonder why kids grow up so fast. Absolutely, positively NOT!! It encourages our youngsters to experiment. Whether it is with drugs, alcohol or s*x, it is just WRONG and we must not encourage it! And by allowing them to have boyfriends at these young ages, we ARE encouraging it, We must take responsibility for our children ... And ourselves. It's one thing for the kids to hang out as a group at someone's house, go to a youth group meeting, or to go to a movie, but at this age kids don't even know what life is supposed to be all about; they are too self-involved, as it should be. They need time to learn about themselves, who they are and what they want to become. They need this time to sort out all the things life hands us and decide what kind of person they want to be. Your ex is not to be trusted, just like you are no longer with him; you need to put your foot down to make sure he respects your stand on this issue.

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