My iphone 4 will not load past the apple logo

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When I switch on my apple iphone 4 it won’t pass the apple logo! What might be wrong? I have tried every possible solution i know but did not work with this phone. I am really worried about this phone and looking for some serious help here in this regard. Can someone here tell me the procedure to solve this problem? Have you ever experienced such problem with iPhone? Please help me in this i will be great full. Thanks in advance for help

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  1. Guest23320068

    Well I have never experienced such problem with my Iphone 4 but when I was using Iphone 3g at that time I came across such problem and here are step you need to do on iphone 3G. hope this will help.
    1. Connect your device to itunes while it’s on recovery mode
    2. On windows hold shift key and click on restore and find 4.1 ipsw
    3. It will give you error 1015 please do not click on “ok” or “more info”
    4. Open Recboot and click on exit recovery
    5. Now it will show you emergency call option with battery signs, and time visibility. Which is a good news ; on my second device it actually brought me back to home screen.
    6. Open redsnow 0.9.6b5 and browse iOS 4.2.1
    7. Just choose cydia if baseband is already updated previously
    8. Turn off device follow the instructions on redsnow. Which is switch off device and bring it to DFU mode bla bla.
    9. You will have phone the way you want and go to cydia and install that thing to unlock.

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