My internet wont stay connected on my laptop

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When I log on to my laptop the internet seems fine, but after a couple of seconds it gets really really slow/just doesn't work at all. If I disconnect the internet and reconnect it, it comes back to its original speed, but after a while it slows down again. (When i mean slow I mean it takes like a minute or two just to load up

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  1. liza amelia

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  2. chiefminister

    By what mode have you connected internet to your laptop?

    If you have connected it with wifi router, try with the following steps,
    1.)Reset the wireless router by using the power switch on it or by unplugging it and plugging it back in.
    2.)Place the wireless router in an ideal location. The higher it is, the better, but don't put it near metal objects.
    3.)Get as close as possible to the router with whatever device you're trying to connect.
    4.)Keep the router and your connecting device away from other electronics. You should especially keep away from phones, fax machines and microwaves. etc.,
    5.)Adjust the Wifi antenna if it has one.
    6.)Change the router's channel, especially if other wireless routers are nearby.

    Following these steps would give you stable internet connection and also increased speed in connection. You can check your internet speed from www.ScanMySpeed.Com before and after following these steps.

  3. Guest14620624
    My internet keeps restarting and iv tried antivirus such as malware and spyware docter how can i fix this?
  4. Guest14585070
    Your connection might not be running properly or tell me how you connect to internet. Whether you are using any data card or running on it DSL cable connection.

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