My grandma and my aunt watch my mom bathe me im 13

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My parents do not allow me to bathe myself so they bathe me but if my aunt and grandma are visiting they come in to the bathroom and talk to my mom while i am getting bathed

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  1. Guest28328267

    I think teenage males being bathed by one or both of their parents was much more common 40 and more years ago than today.  As I recall there were different reasons.  My siblings and I were raised by our grandparents and most of the time, my brothers and I were bathed by our grandmother until we were in our late teens.  I remember my grandmother saying that we made too much of a mess and that we were not clean enough when we bathed ourselves.


  2. Guest27842317

    Im 16 and still get bathed by my mom and grand sometimes. I get to shower 3 times a week but the rest Im bathed.. My grand says that teen boys are to hasty and dont wash well.. especially between their legs. My mom keeps nagging me about wanting to shave my pubic hair because its too thick. I have decided to let her just trim it so she gets off my back about about it.. Its not like it wont grow back..

  3. Guest24797378

    i  agree  that  must   have  suck  thats    really   the  only  time   boys  get  to  play  is  when  they are  alone  taking  a bath  are shower   but  i  think      most   do  it  when  they  are  taking  a  c**p 

  4. Guest20787964
    That happened to me also, till I was sixteen or seventeen. When my mother couldn't bathe me, that job was done by an adult babysitter or one of my aunties. My mother never let me take my baths alone. He was obsessed with cleanness ( washing of f******n ) and, today I think, to avoid me to play with my weenie.
  5. Guest19280453
    srry that must suck

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