My gogear ariaz said I had reached 999 voice recording limit (even I had only 6 files recorded)

by Guest22643826  |  8 years, 10 month(s) ago

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I use philips gogear ariaz It had worked properly till one day it was playing the recorded voice and i changed to recording mode. the gogear just went blank (suddenly shut down without saying "bye") so i turned it on (that time it took much time to start) and when i try to record voice it said that i had reached 999 records limit (but i had only 6 files on recording folder that time) and when i opened the recording folder I had found files named "unknown" among the voice files and I also found them in many folders. I've already tried jacking my gogear into PC and tried to delete the "unknown" files but I couldn't find it. And I've tried "delete all" in the folder the "unknowns" were found, all files had been deleted but "unknown"s are still there. Please tell me what I should do ?

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