My girlfriend wants me to wear panties, should i wear them?

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My girlfriend wants me to wear panties, should i wear them?

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  1. Guest24996263

    yes cause if she tell u something do it or she will break up with u.....

  2. KellyyAnn

    Panties WTF???!!!??? well if u feel comfortable in them then yes but if u dont feel comfortable wearing them then dont but pleassseee will u reply to this plleeaasseee cos i find this sooo weird...

  3. steph
    Yes you should! They are so much more comfortable than any male underwear. Plus it will make her happy.
  4. ZZ

     Well it is all about your relation i think panties are for those nights and days, when you want to be and feel little more special then the normal days, more naughty and even more s**y. 

    There is no harm in it if your girlfriend want to see you in panties or want you to wear panties than you should because its all about you and her. If this act by you will make her happy then you should follow the instructions. 
    Its all about making love and these things are there to give you some thing special, Thou men are not supposed to wear such things but no harm in it. Just go for it. As she wants to have fun so then give her some. 

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