My computer is running much slower than it used to ,please tell me what had happened to it?

by ranson  |  11 years ago

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computer running slow

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  1. badol007

    I think your drives full of different useless software and other things. Registry is very important in Windows system. I tell you frankly, it is unavoidable to have registry errors if you install or uninstall programs and visit various website frequently. So what you need to do is to fix registry errors regularly. In this purpose you can go this site where present lots of useful software. I hope it becomes helpful to solve your problem

  2. Guest12259351
    I am sure your system is occurred problem due to window registry error files and invalid entries. You can remove these errors manually So if you want to fix window registry errors and invalid entries then It is must to download registry easy. Registry easy can increase your system speed by fixing registry errors and unwanted files. I am giving you a link which is given below:-
  3. Guest12213235
    There maybe many reasons.... 1.delete all the temp files 2.maybe ur system is infected with viruses(scan ur system) 3.check if its slowed down after u have installed some software .if so uninstall and see. 4.if the problem still persists just format the system and install a fresh copy of windows

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