My computer is inflected by virus

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My computer always prompts me that there is virus inflected and lead me to the following web site and ask me to buy anti-spy software. I have not installed any antivirus program in my system and whenever i want to install any thing my computer restarts. Please help

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     Restart your system and press F8 after the bios screen load. Safe mode only loads the required components of the operating system. You are allowed to run a virus scan from safe mode to get rid of infected files in your system. If it does not works then the other option is to use a bootable virus scan otherwise you have to reinstall the operating system of you system. The process of reinstalling the OS is unique to get rid of viral programs. Follow the procedure to install the operating system
    First of all insert the bootable windows CD and install the OS on system drive that is C drive
    Install the windows and then restart the system.
    Install Norton or McAfee antivirus software meanwhile do not open the local drives, because the the local drives are still infected with virus programs. The system drive is safe,
    Upgrade the antivirus program and restart your system
    Start a Scan and delete or repair the infected files
    After successful scan restart your system again and you will find a difference in performance.
    If the problem persists then write down your issue. I would feel honor to reduce down your issues related to Virus and system performance issues.

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