My check engine light is on, can anybody help ?

by herlin  |  8 years, 8 month(s) ago

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ive had it to my mechanic and he said it was my gas cap loose, sounds like the auto zone people I know. so i "tightened" my gas cap and had the professionals at autozone 'clear' my code. it stayed out for about 3 minutes and came back on. i dont want to take the vehicle to a shop and pay a professional to have a look because i will get ripped off. I mean I have heard of shops actually charging 100 dollars to diag a vehicle, i want it checked for Free. Does anyone know of someplace online I can research and fix this for free as im on a budget. Even when I had an irregular heartbeat, I said NO to a doctor and went here as well online to try to fix my problem for free. So if anyone has any insight where i can fix my heartbeat issue and my car for no charge, id love to know thanks.

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  1. antishit

     Unfortuneatley all that autozone is telling you is that a evap code is popping up in your fuel system. This can be from many different aspects of the fuel system not just the gas cap which the idiots from autozone can not realize. Yes diags may cost 100 dollars but that is not just the mechanic just pulling up a code it is also them diagnosing the problem as well. Basically i am saying good luck on someone diagnosing your vehicle online and you should take it to the professionals, most of the time they refund it if you get the work done to your vehicle. Can't be cheap with this one, sorry
    Maybe you can try by yourself, just need the obd diag tool:


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