Cat's teeth gone yellow

by Guest6777  |  11 years, 9 month(s) ago

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My cat's teeth have gone yellow and smelly awfully . what on earth should I do , I just don't know . actually I'd tried to brush them (with special cat brush) but they started bleeding awfully though I was doing it really gently . Vets say I should have it cleaned in the clinic . I once did it actually but soon teeth got yellow again ! you see they tranquilize him so I kinda dislike doing it regularly . it will affect his health to tranquilize him each year wont it ?!
I'm gonna furious . the other cat of mine eats bones so his teeth are so clean though he's much older that this specific cat of mine . but this one refuses to eat bones . you see vets told me that those cats who chew bones would not have teeth problem .
What do you recommend ? please help ! what is gonna happen to the cat in the case I don't have his teeth cleaned regularly ? OK he'll have false teeth soon , and they'll possibly wont last . so what ? will it lead to any serious problem !? please help!

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  1. Guest1041782
    You say to give your cat "bones". What bones can I give my cat? Where would I purchase them?

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