My baby goat's tummy upset

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4 days ago our mamma goat had twins. She had one boy and one girl. The boy is doing just fine and running around. The girl was the runt, and didnt even weigh a half a pound, and she is the one that is sluggish and the mamma disowned her, so we started to bottle feed her 2 days ago. She was doing fine until today. We woke up and her tummy was upset and she wasnt eating all that much. The color of her p**p was a yellow orangish color, and it was rank!! After that I went online and saw some people posting things about this kind of stuff... So I took all of her milk away and did the pedialyte and pepto thing. Its where you take 8-10 oz. of pedialyte and 3 ML of pepto and mix them together. Well I did that for half of the day today and I called a couple of vets. They both said get her off of the pedialyte and pepto because she wasnt getting her nutritions that she needed and they said that some aspirin was in one of the other and constantly giving the goat that would kill her. So I stopped and she pooped again about an hour ago. Well this time her p**p just smelled like a bad upset tummy, but the color was a greenish brown. So my questions are, is this a big problem that im dealing with? What should I do to help her? Is the color change in her p**p bad? Just help me out!!...........
thanks, Kayla

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  1. Guest5105103
    Dear Kayla, The best thing for you to do is to get milk from any goat and give that to the little girl if you aren't already. When you start doing this then she should be normal with regular p**p.
  2. Saleem
    Why do you have a goat?

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