My Olympus Stylus Tough camera is giving me a "write protect!" message

by megan howell  |  8 years, 2 month(s) ago

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When I power on, I am getting this write protect message. There is no write protect switch on my xd card, how do I turn the write protect off on the camera so I can continue taking photos?

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  1. Guest22607393

    mines the same dude, no switch on the memory card either!

  2. nick

    Cards sometimes are bad. . . . but two in a row leads me to believe its the camera.  Can you check the cards in another product?  If they work then there is probably an internal issue with the device.

  3. Guest19271839
    and if I tried that and it STILL displays the "write protect" error message? Neither of my cards were locked to begin with, but I'd hoped that would help.
  4. nick
    I know this sounds nuts but there is usually a user selectable mechanical write protect switch on the exterior card casing of the memory card. Pull it out and make sure it is switched off. Then try again. Should be good to go!
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