My Male Cockatiels droppings

by Guest5683175  |  10 years, 8 month(s) ago

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I need some advice

My male cockatiel has lately be doing big sized droppings when i take him out of the cage its like he holds on to it untill hes out ??? he is in his cage when im not home but when i do come home he is allowed out to fly and play. The droppings are normal green with white but they are BIG droppings and im worried. i have had him for 4 yrs and it started happing a mth ago nothing else has change in he eating pattens or personality just the droppings. is this normal or something i should be worried about
Plz help




  1. fadilpunjwani
    Take him to the vet or he could be happy

  2. Guest5688079
    He's HAPPY! That's it. Nothing to be alarmed about. Lucky bird to fly about...

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