My Lg Rumor 2 keeps blinking Hello

by Doris  |  10 years, 5 month(s) ago

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I when to the notepad on my Virgin Mobile Lg Rumor 2 and it froze then I turn it off and it keeps blinking Hello

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  1. Guest23337074

    wow! happened to me today when i went to the notepad! so this is a common thing!

  2. Guest23296430

    when i was on my notepad,i was trying to get on and it just froze. i pressed the off button and it just frozed. and now when i try to turn it on the screen keeps blinking hello.....

  3. Guest23282013

    This recently happened to me and they imediatly sent me a new one, i want the xtc


  4. Guest23248361

    Hi, Yeah, Same Problem With Mine. I went To Notepad, then out of no where, it shut off, I was like.... Um... Okay? So Then It Just Kept Going To Hello, Blinking On And Off. Like Seriously. Im Over The Phone. Ive Tied Putting In In Rice, Even Though It Never Got Into Water. Ive Tried Pressing All The Buttons Down At The Same Time. Nothing! Nappy-*ss-Phone. -_______-

  5. Guest22863278

    well as for my problem i did NOT i repeat did NOT go to notepad on my lg rumour lol.......i was playing scrabble on my cell phone(which i have done for some time now and nothing has happened) and all of a sudden my phone froze on me when i closed down the game.....i took out the battery waited for 5 minutes, put the battery back in and turned on the phone now all it does is flash "virgin mobile".......i have tried all kinds of different things like the "hard boot" thing i have tried shaking my phone and NOTHING!!!!! i am getting very p*ssed off......i havent dropped my phone in the water or dropped it on the floor or anything so please tell me what the h**l i can do about this before i chop it up in my coffee grinder 

  6. Guest22731021

    never go to notepad!

    I sent mine in, and they sent me a refurbished one.

    That one fricking broke too!

    I'm sticking with my old phone, the XTC sooo much more reliable.

    Virgin sucks.

  7. Guest22704448

    My phone has the same problem.. HELLO...HELLO...HELLO


  8. Guest22636831

    So nobody knows how to fix this? Ugh, My phone keeps blinking and i've been looking everywhere to try to fix it.. I turned it off cause it froze on the stupid notepad. If anybody figures out how to fix please please please email me at I just got this phone for christmas and have alot of pictures on it. Thank you!

  9. Guest22612614

     i'v been through 4 phones with virgin mobile the first time i don't know what i was doing but it froze i took the battery out put it back in and yep hello over and over till you remove the battery.. so virgin mobile replaced it... then my soon says mom i was on notepad and my phone is doing the same thing yours did.. so brilliant me on my new phone opened notepad.. and yepppers hello over and over so again virgin mobile replaced my phone and his... even though they don't know what could cause it.. although i told them.. lol...  but now.. 4 months later i'm using my replacement phone when i'm out and about the battery dies so when i get home i plug it in and even though my pleading no no no the dam hello screen over and over.. and get this.. virgin mobiles replacement phones are only warrentied for 3 months.. they can't be morons and be clueless to this problem .. it would seeem they would replace the phone with one of equal value but hey were just the costumers.. they really are a bunch of blank blank blanks.. VIRGIN MOBIL can l**k my a**e crack.. hehehehe

  10. tammy

    Well, isn't this just grand?  What the h**l?  I went to the notepad feature, where the phone froze.  I tried turning it off, but nothing happened.  I then took the battery out and put it in again, tried turning the phone on, and all I get is the stupid Hello screen flashing at me.  I too, called Virgin Mobile and was pretty much told that I am SOL!  This phone has not been mistreated in any way, it is about a year old.  I have numbers and pictures that I don't want to lose.  Can anyone offer me any usefule advice?  Please email me at  Thanks, Tammy

  11. Guest22560108

    the same thing happened to me also i called virgin and they said i could run a (power cycle) and take the battery out wait a few and try it again no luck then they told me to take the battery out and hold the power button for about 30 seconds thats a (hard reset) didnt work so they opened an investagation and are suppose to call back and tell me what there going to do. they told me the problem is rare but every forum iv been to iv googled it its not as rare as they think

  12. Guest22551071

    I also went to the notepad feature on my phone. About a week or so before, I was on my notepad and everything in my notepad somehow erased itself. Lastnight, I was on the notepad and it froze while I was trying to open it. I turned off my phone and it wouldn't turn back on.

    Instead... It was STUCK ON THE "HELLO" SCREEN

    It says HELLO, restarts and says HELLO. and it DOESNT STOP!

  13. Guest22538412

    lease Happened To Me To With These S****y Phnes its happened Like for a week Now When Get a Answer Email Me Shakeer45@yahoo.

  14. Guest22526257

     I have the same problem, except it happened me mine when it died. The phone was working fine until the battery died one day and when I went to charge it, it came on and just kept blinking hello. Its still doing it, and I had to just buy a new phone. I lost some important numbers

  15. Guest22466377

    this happend to me when i went to my notepad! i havent even had this phone for very long =/

  16. Guest22451455

    me too i called virgin mobile and they told me i was S.O.L.

  17. Guest21899758

    What the h**l. That makes 3 of us. That happened to me too! This is a glitch I swear!

  18. Guest21834884


  19. Guest20452019
    when you get an answer PLEASE email me at!!

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