My LG neon wont charge what should i do?

by Guest13784731  |  9 years, 10 month(s) ago

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I just activated my LG neon on 11/27/09 and it was working great i was talking and texting like crazy! i plugged my phone into my charger and it would work fine...untill today, it just randomly stoped charging, everything else works great, i took my battery out and turned it off and on, can you help?

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  1. Mitchel

    I would advice to contact ur cellphone providers support center and make sure u get to technical support , explain your situation and they will get u a refurbished replacement lg neon. If you don't want to contact them, you can try removing the battery, rubbing the side that has contact on the phone on your shirt for a few seconds, put the battery back in the phone try to turn it on and plug it in. Doing this should cause static electricity which will replenish your phone's charge enough to turn on and for it to be able to be charged.

  2. Guest22819757

    mine is doing the same thing. its horrible. try blowing into the the place were u put the charger inside. sometimes that works. but it doesnt most of the time. it may be getting old. just to let u kno- on ur upgrade- don't replace it. get a new one. this phone stinks.

  3. Guest22447745

    mine did the same thing. its still doing it. i have to move mine into an odd position before it charges. but, today it isnt charging. this is my third lg neon, and my second replacement phone. i advise you to get a new one because lg neons are crappy.

  4. Guest19046969
    mine just now started doing that so mama toke it to best buy (the place were i got it) and mama said she ordered me a new one bc the little places in the charger in the phone are not conected and misplaced
  5. Ali Abdullah
    Hi There, Ok let me see if I understand this properly. You have an LG Neon cell phone and your charger will not charge it. You tried your friend's charger (which is the same type of charger as yours) and that does not charge your phone either. Do I have that correct? If so there are a few possibilities I can think of. Your charger jack on your phone may be bad, the battery in your cell phone may have malfunctioned or is not making proper connection. The phone is still under warranty right? Take it back and exchange it.

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